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Why Myomin should be taken with HRT

Those on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), even bio-identical hormones, should take Myomin as well. Here’s why.


It is widely known that estrogen dominance causes or exacerbates many hormone-related conditions such as fibroids, cysts, and tumors. As you can see on the biochemical pathway, hormones such as progesterone and testosterone can be converted to estrogen (refer to figure below).





A new study published in this week’s Lancet Oncology reports that an HRT drug called Livial (not available in the US) recommended for menopausal symptoms as well as osteoporosis increases the risk of breast cancer recurrence by as much as 40%. Among those who had a recurrence, 70% were distant metastases, which are usually fatal. These results were not surprising at all. We already know from the 2002 Women’s Health Initiative study that synthetic hormones increase the risk for breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and blood clots.


Some of the cases below further illustrate the risk involved with HRT, even bio-identical hormones. It is therefore beneficial to take Myomin with HRT in order to avoid hormone-related side effects.


MYOMIN is a natural aromatase inhibitor that has been effectively used to reduce levels of estrogen in both men and women. Various studies have shown that it is beneficial for such conditions as cysts, fibroids, tumors, and belly fat, among others.



Case Reports:



K. M., DC from MN, had PMS and used bio-identical progesterone cream for it. Ten months later, a breast lump was found which was then surgically removed. She stopped the cream, used Myomin instead and is doing much better.



R. Shemesh , MD from FL, has a 54-year-old female patient who had very low levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone 4 years ago (saliva test). At that time, she was given a bio-identical cream by her gynecologist. A year later, she developed ovarian cancer. Her Ca.125 was 499. After undergoing surgery and chemo, she is now on Myomin.



N. Brant , DC from NY, has a 54-year-old postmenopausal patient who took bio-identical hormones (progesterone, estradiol, estriol, and testosterone) and developed an ovarian cyst and belly fat. Now she is taking Myomin.



R. F, a 55-year-old ND from CA, had red dots on her tongue, indicating a risk for estrogen-related problems. She said she had hot flashes, for which she was taking bio-identical estrogen and progesterone. She was also overweight and had a 2 cm breast lump. It was suggested that she stop the bio-identical hormones and instead use Myomin, Slender All and Pro-Metabolic. After a year, she has lost 43 lbs (down 2 sizes) and no hot flashes anymore. Her breast lump reduced to less than 0.5 cm in diameter.



D.C., a 68-year-old female from NY, was given bio-identical hormones (testosterone, estradiol and progesterone) for her osteoporosis in the lower spine and hips. After 15 months, a tumor was found in her left breast. Now she is on Angiostop, Myomin and Revivin.



V. Jefferson, DC from NY, has a 58-year-old female patient on bio-identical estrogen and progesterone. She has a fibroid and heavy bleeding. She’s already had a 6-pint blood transfusion but was frustrated because she was still bleeding. She was so thrilled because only less than a day after she took Angiostop, Myomin and Revivin, her bleeding stopped.



J.M., a 51-year-old female from CA, had endometrial dysplasia. Both her MD and holistic doctor suggested she use progesterone cream for it. Seven months later, it developed into endometrial cancer which was then surgically removed. She started on Myomin and Angiostop. Since Jan. 25, 2005, her estradiol level is normal. Now she feels great.



J. Iannetta, DC from ME, has a 57-year-old postmenopausal patient who suddenly had vaginal bleeding and was suspected to have ovarian/uterine cancer. She took Myomin and Angiostop right away. After 14 months, her CA.125 reduced to 4.6 U/ml. Furthermore, her estradiol level reduced dramatically from 413 to 43 pg/ml.



B. Sanborn, DC from MI, has a 16 year-old male patient with gynecomastia. His estradiol and DHT levels were both high. He has tried 8 different supplements, including DIM and indole-3-carbinol (I3C); however, they had no effect on him. After taking Myomin and Prosta Chi for two months, his estradiol level reduced from 300 to 70 and his DHT level reduced from 1,100 to 250. His gynecomastia also improved.


For more information on MYOMIN, please call (719) 930-1829.

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