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Burn Fat with the Cranberry Detox Drink

Detoxification: The removal of poisons or toxins from the body.

detox diet phase 1

Detox Cranberry Drink: This mixture should be taken three times per day (three 8 oz glasses)

You will be drinking a mixture containing unsweetened cranberry
juice, lemon and apple cider vinegar.

This mixture should be taken three times per day (three 8 oz glasses):

  1. first thing in the morning upon rising
  2. before lunch
  3. before dinner


  • Spring water (6 oz).
  • Unsweetened cranberry juice (2 oz or 1?4 of a glass); make sure you read
    the label, as many people purchase the sweetened cranberry juice by
    mistake. Even though pure cranberry juice is very bitter, it does contain
    around 8 grams of sugar per 6 ounces. This is usually okay. The
    type of cranberry juice you do not want to use is the cranberry mixed
    with apple juice and other juices, bringing the sugar levels up to 28
    grams per 6 ounces. Do not be concerned if your cranberry juice is
    not organic, as it is very difficult to find organic cranberry juice. For
    those people who have major struggles with losing even a little weight,
    I recommend omitting cranberry juice from this mixture, since just a
    minute amount of sugar can potentially block fat burning.
  • Lemon juice—1?3 of a fresh lemon or 1 tsp of lemon powder. If you
    have a history of kidney stones, use a whole lemon or 3 tsp of lemon
    powder. Both the cranberry juice and eating a grapefruit each day
    will also help prevent kidney stones.
  • Apple cider vinegar (1?2 to 1 tsp); adjust amount to your taste, as this
    might be too strong for some people.
  • Apple juice—only use if the drink is unpalatable (maximum
    amount is 1?4 cup). But, if possible, omit apple juice, as it is concentrated

OPTION: A certain percentage of people like to add some
fiber to this drink. I have observed that people are less hungry when
they add fiber. This could be any type of psyllium seed or husk or
other powdered fiber. Two tablespoons would be enough.

It is recommended that you mix the entire combination together in a
container the night before and place it in the refrigerator or a cooler. If
you absolutely cannot stand this drink mixture, don’t force yourself to
drink it. I have found most people love it and a few hate it. Some bodies
just can’t tolerate the vinegar; so, there is some flexibility in drinking the
mixture without the vinegar.

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